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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Nerds Esquad Pvt Ltd commits to protect your privacy. The way we access your personal information or details through this website is explained in this privacy policy. This privacy policy can be revised any time without prior notice. It contains and covers all of your personal details by every business owned & operated by Nerds Esquad Pvt Ltd Your personal information may be saved and used by Nerds Esquad Pvt Ltd but they are always done under the rules and regulations of this policy. Any individual is considered agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this policy that accesses the website.

2. Use of Personal Information

Until and unless it is legally required, we do not provide any personal information of yours to any third party.

Personal Details

We save users’ contact information like name, e-mail address, phone number and postal address, etc. and use this information to contact you about the services and products you requested. This may entail information about login notifications, special offers and discounts, etc. A third party contractor on behalf of us gathers your personal details and processes this data for us.

Payment Details

We use third parties to process credit/debit cards for billing purposes and we assure the usage of safeguards to keep your personal details safe.

2. Computer System Information

1. Computer Information

Information related to your PC may be required. The information can be about the make & model of your computer or any kind of information related to your computer hardware or software attached to it, identification number, date when you purchased the computers. This information is used to update our technical support tools and to offer you completely personalized technical support.

2. Diagnostic Tool

Our experts, who diagnose online, may require or gather a variety of functional information that may include state of a system & the applications installed. This information is specified in a document and is transmitted securely to our server.

3. Remote Access

You may request us to resolve any kind of problem of your PC. We use standard techniques through which our experts can remotely control your computer from the internet. Only adequately trained experts from this field are allowed to use remote access software. In addition, any confidential information that is stored on the user’s computer is not collected, accessed or destroyed by our experts. Our experts analyze this information so that the problems can be diagnosed & resolved for the end-user. Information collected by our experts does not contain any sensitive information like passwords, e-mail, profiles, website visited etc.

4. Cookies

When someone visits our website, we may store some information in form of cookies. Cookies are those files that a web transfers to your computer to store and to track some information about you. They do not track your movements around the net. Also, cookies do not save Credit/Debit card numbers & passwords. Cookies are offered for more customized services. If you do not want the cookies to track any information about you, you can block or delete those cookies from your computer.

5. Log Files

In order to track user movements on our site (e.g. which site pages the user views), we use IP addresses. They are also used to analyze the trends and to collect demographic information.

6. Live Help Session Records

All the sessions that are held between a user and an expert, are recorded for internal quality control of the services we provide to our customers. This information may be used further to resolve any kind of dispute and/or potential complaints. These recorded sessions may be used to improve our services, and market research may be conducted based on that information.

7. Opting out

If you would like to unsubscribe from our service, please send email to : info@igurutechsolutions.com or by snail mail at: Address- P.O. Box 523 Halifax, VA 24558 USA

8. Contests & Surveys

By the means of online surveys, our website requests information from people. Participation in these online surveys is completely voluntary, and each participant can choose whether or not to reveal or disclose any personal information. Such information may include name, demographic information; shipping address etc. Information collected from online surveys are used only for the purposes of improving the website’s performance.

9. Security Issues

Protection of personal information of users is our utmost priority, and our website takes every corrective measure to safeguard it. Whenever a user enters any sensitive information on website, we apply standard measures to protect it. When it comes to payment transaction made here, we make sure that your transaction will be made completely secure here. Only the billing clerks or customer service representatives can access your personal information, as the information may be needed to perform a certain job. Further, even our employees are required to follow the security and privacy policies. Whenever there is an addition of new policy, our employees or staff members are notified about it.

10. Auxiliary Information

An e-mail is sent to all our newly registered members for the verification of login name and password. Older members occasionally receive emails containing information about the products, new offers, services and newsletters.

11. Sharing

Demographic information that does not identify any individual user may be shared with our advertisers and partners without restrictions.

12. Updating Personal Details

A user can correct or modify his personal data by sending us an email request. A user may remove his personal data if he does not desire the services anymore. We reserve the right to refuse any request that would violate any law or cause the information to be incorrect.

13. Notification of Modification in Policy

We reserve the right to update or change this Privacy Policy at any point of time without notification. It is advised that one should read the privacy policy whenever they use the website. Once you have submitted your information after such changes made, it will be considered that you have accepted these posted changes. We may use your personal information for a different purpose that is stated here, but we will notify you by dropping an e-mail if any such information is gathered.